Saturday, January 20, 2007

So destined I'm to walk among the dark....

First, an apology because I haven't posted in a while but honestly I've just been out of it. But a shoutout for those that I know that pop their heads in every once in a while (Yani, Ayari muah!). I do this for fun, it's not like its the diary of my life, but yeah what can I say! I do get emotional every once in a while, hahahaha. But no, the point is that I don't post everything that goes on in my life here, there is way too much about me that only my best friend knows. And yes, I mean way too much (get those dirty thoughts out of your heads!!!!!!).

During RA training of summer 2006, my boss told us something very valuable (he has told us a lot of valuable stuff, but this is just one that has sticked to my head and that I use it often). We were doing a workshop on ethics, and I felt that this was very useful not only for our job, but for life. To make a long story short, what he explained was that if you have to question yourself if what you are doing is right or wrong, it is more likely that it is wrong. And if you really put thought into it, you will find yourself agreeing to what he says. Think back and try to recall those times that you had to ask yourself, "hmmmm, should I really be doing this?". Chances are that everything turned out to be ok, but the chance of it going wrong was higher. Consider yourself lucky if you have been in this situation.