Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My world.... no pink.

If I could make my own world, put stuff in it, take stuff out - bring whoever I'd like to; I'm thinking what would it be.

Whatever, I like this photo, and the planet Earth is a sun or whatever, it's my blog deal with it. And did I mention it's my world too? Get over it.
To start, there would be no pink cause that is my least favorite color. I'm not a perfectionist, but let me see, there would prolly be a lot of black red gray orange blue, stuff like that. My mom would be there, cause I need her to cook for me. I would have all my pets!

My Boss! Muah, as gay as it sounds. OK, so let me see. I would prolly bring my best friend Priscilla, the only person that knows all of my deepest secrets, muahahahaha. And yes, that means all the dirty ones too. Jealous? Don't be, careful what you wish for! Not everything is blue skies and sunny with green grass and hills (lol, Windows XP). I would prolly have to bring a couple other people, but I'm not about to make a list and then have everyone comment "Why was I not included in your list", get over it. I hate bitching and moaning so that would not be permitted in my world either. I would bring my parents, but I would change something. I would make them raise me being closer to them! So that I could tell them my dirty secrets too, without any expectations lol. Laugh at life, tell not only the good stories, but also the bad ones too. Unfortunately, mostly the bad ones always go to the same person. Some of the bad ones, I keep to myself. No matter how close you think you could be to someone, some stuff you keep to yourself. Even though if you are like me, that you wish you could tell the world some of the naughty ones lol, you just keep them to yourself. No, I'm not telling, get over it.
But I would also bring all my grandfathers, grandmothers, and all that stuff. But they would have a more important role in my life. Like, an actual grandfather and grandmother. Someone to take me for ice cream on Sundays, and gives me 20 bucks without letting dad know!

My world would be far from perfect, that is for sure. Sometimes people think that they would live happily ever after, if they get what they want. I do not wish to get everything I want. I just wish that I had more people like Priscilla in my life sometimes, someone that asks me every once in a while 'is there anything you want to talk about' or 'you wanna tell me about your bad day?'. Shut up, I don't need a stupid girlfriend.

I made this for my boss. He is leaving in May, after 4 years as a Resident Director he is moving on. I am glad that he hired me, my job has made me change my perspective about life. Such a valuable lesson in life. This is my staff,

I also made this for my art class. You laugh, and I will block you from my blog =p

=) Loves it!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is my heart really that cold?

Yesterday, it was Valentines day. A great day for a lot of people! Some got hugs & kisses, perhaps even a cuddling session, others got lots of chocolates and presents from their best friends (aka Hallmark cards). Some others even got luckier, they got a girlfriend or a boyfriend that day. And of course, the even luckier, the ones that got laid.
Me for one, only got 3 mini-presents which are very appreciated. The first one was from my fellow RA and good close friend Jill, she gave me some candy with a cute note attached to it! My second gift came from this girl that I believe kinda likes me, but she is one of the residents on my floor so of course its not ethical! She gave me some Cinderella candy (lol). The third present was from a friend that plays volleyball with me and she is extremely cool, she gave me a small note (but no chocolate!). So it was all good.
I gave one present: a custom card to my best friend, saying happy Valentines. I made it myself, that is what counts. So that led me to ask myself, is my heart really that cold...?

Well, I do believe that people like to judge themselves a little bit, every now and then they ask themselves stuff like "am I a good person", "have I done right", "would I be a bad person if I don't do this", etc etc etc. I am happy to say that I believe that I'm a good guy, a great personality with a funny mix. Don't like violence or aggression, some people call me the pacifier, very settled with my mind clear on what I want. But I am not here to brag about myself.
What I wanted to talk about in this post was something that I thought about. I for one do not like Holidays. Valentines is one day, so what happens to all the other days? Why can't we show love and care for our friends and loved ones the other days in the year and yet we have to wait until Feb 14th to give them chocolate and a card with our signature on it, just so that they know that that day we are thinking of them. It's that whole expectation thing, "Ohhhh, you didn't give your friend something on Valentines day, means you don't love her" or whatever. Grow up please.
But don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people that do it. If you like to live in that fantasy, go ahead. Just remember that there are 364 other days in the year that you can be grateful for having a good friend or a loved one. Just remember to give a phone call not only because it's someone's birthday or because it's Christmas. People appreciate more the calls on other days that are not Holidays. It's like that one special day you are expecting phone calls from people you expect to call. I will give an example: my birthday. Do you know how many I only hear from only that day? They pretend to care, I believe them. Thanks for remembering my birthday =p. Not to mention that they always ask the same questions ahhahahaha. I tend to get in a bad mood on my birthday, people expect you to go out and get wasted, it's today's society way of thinking about a good time. My mom always encourages me to go out and drink on my birthdays, and I always tell her the same thing: I do what I want, and if staying home on my birthday is what I want to do, so let it be. Isn't your birthday supposed to make you happy? Well, I guess that doesn't happen very often to me then! Maybe I'm the fucked up one, but I'm happy with what I do, I'm grateful for what I have and I love my life style. It's what it's all about, so deal with it. Not everyone is the same, if you make the decision of going out and getting wasted, then getting behind the wheel and driving back home so be it. I don't judge, we are adults - you make a stupid decision you assume the consequences. Don't come begging and saying I'm sorry, assume the consequences.

Maybe my heart is cold, but maybe I am just being realistic.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

=D =D

I love how I can tell you anything,
That my heart is starting to feel,
With the openness of my heart,
You know my feelings are real

I love how I can talk to you,
About anything that comes to mind,
A person like you is indescribable,
And is very hard to find

I love the way I tell you,
What I'm feeling for you each day,
And you never seem to be shocked,
With some of the things I say

I love the way you understand me,
Like no one else could do,
This is another reason for me,
Wanting to be with you

I love you're personality,
Because you put a smile on my face,
And I would show you what I feel,
At any-time or any place

I love the way you ask me questions,
To find out more about me,
You make me feel so special,
Kinda, how loves supposed to be